Fox & Friends hosts visibly deflated after legal analyst explains how SCOTUS ruling helps sanctuary cities
Judge Andrew Napolitano appears on 'Fox & Friends' (Screen cap).

Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano left the hosts of "Fox & Friends" looking visibly depressed on Tuesday after he explained how a new Supreme Court ruling will help so-called "sanctuary cities" that don't force their police officers to assist federal officials in enforcing federal immigration laws.

In discussing a SCOTUS ruling released Monday that said it was legal for states to individually allow for sports betting by striking down the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, Napolitano said that this now makes it easier for cities and states that have "sanctuary" policies to refuse to comply with federal requests for assistance in deporting undocumented immigrants.

"It reinforces the notion that the states can resist the federal government when the feds want the state to help enforce federal law," he said. "Because states can say, 'We're not going to cooperate in enforcing federal law,' Jerry Brown, the governor of California, can get away with saying, 'If you work for the state of California or any subdivision of it, and ICE comes knocking, you don't have to answer the door."

Co-host Ainsley Earhardt seemed particularly upset by Napolitano's analysis and challenged him to give a more detailed explanation.

"One is gambling, one is national security!" she said of state sanctuary laws. "So if the laws are in place for gambling, why are they the same for national security?"

"Because the Supreme Court opinion says that the federal government may not take state officials and make them enforce federal law," he said. "It can enforce federal law on its own."

Watch the video below.