Fox Host Lou Dobbs shreds outgoing GOPer Trey Gowdy as a 'phony' for failing to pin Benghazi tragedy on Hillary
Fox Business host Lou Dobbs (Fox News/screen grab)

Fox News host Lou Dobbs unloaded on GOP Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC) for his lack of leadership in the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attacks in an interview with Tom Shillue on Fox Radio.

“Trey Gowdy is [a] phony,” Dobbs said. “Think about it. He was in charge of Benghazi, he was in charge of various committees, but what did he do? Nothing! He’s never done anything!”

Dobbs then said Gowdy was working under the Obama administration because he wasn't tough enough on Hillary Clinton.

“No indictments, no charges, no revelations, nothing has ever happened except he gets to have some terrific moments as I think he did with Hillary Clinton,” Dobbs said. “After 11 hours he just let her talk endlessly and never laid a glove on her. It was an amazing performance.”

Gowdy announced that he was retiring, and Dobbs said he was just a "lame duck."

Even though this sentiment doesn't reflect how he previously felt about Gowdy. In 2015, Dobbs tweeted: "It seems to me that Trey Gowdy is the natural and best choice to be Speaker of the House."