Fox News’ Chris Wallace mocks John Kelly for accidentally confirming that DHS chief nearly resigned over Trump
Fox News host Chris Wallace (Screenshot)

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace poked fun at White House chief of staff John Kelly on Friday for inadvertently confirming a report about Department of Homeland Security secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.

Fox News' White House correspondent John Roberts reported that Kelly called Nielsen after President Donald Trump "blew up" at her this week over border security. The incident reportedly caused Nielsen to nearly resign.

"I just have to laugh at John Roberts discussion of his conversation with John Kelly, the chief of staff, because the White House is pushing back and DHS is pushing back on the notion that Secretary Nielsen was on the verge of quitting," Wallace remarked.

"And now Kelly says to our own John Roberts -- good reporting -- 'I wanted to call her to make sure she wasn't going to quit.' So I guess the cover story didn't hold very long," he added.

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