Fox News guest cries bitter tears over millennials saying they'd rather date felons than Trump supporters
Attorney Ted Williams appears on Fox News (Screen cap).

"Fox & Friends" on Thursday discussed a video posted by the conservative Daily Caller website showing millennials saying they would much rather date a convicted felon than a Trump supporter.

During the discussion, criminal defense attorney Ted Williams grew indignant that any young person would say dating a felon is preferable to dating a fan of President Donald Trump.

"Trump supporters are Americans!" Williams shouted. "They believe in what they believe. They have a right to believe in what they believe. And I think it marginalizes [them] when you say you would prefer to date a convicted felon -- and I think you mean even a seriously convicted felon -- than to date a Trump supporter, that's very, very troubling."

The original video shows multiple young people saying things like "I would never date a Trump supporter" and "Convicted felon, 100 percent" when asked about whom they'd rather date. What's more, even the people who said they would rather date Trump supporters seemed reluctant to do so, as one woman simply said that Trump supporters seemed "not as scary" as convicted felons.

Watch the Fox News video below.