Fox News host blisters 'shameless' Michael Cohen for pay-to-play cash grab: Pay back your 'swamp fees and apologize'
Michael Cohen, photo by (Trump executive Michael Cohen 013) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Fox News anchor and former top strategist for the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom, Steve Hilton, demanded an apology from Donald Trump fixer Michael Cohen on Saturday.

Writing for Fox, Hilton praised Trump's rhetoric against pay-to-play politics.

"It was all captured in one phrase that came to define the 2016 campaign’s epic battle between the populist insurgent and the corrupt Clinton machine and all it represented: Drain the Swamp!" the Tory argued. "Contrary to what his critics would have you believe, since his inauguration President Trump has delivered on many of his Drain the Swamp promises, including tough new rules on lobbying."

In Hilton's thinking, all of Trump's progress is being undermined by his own attorney.

"Cohen was reported this week to have touted himself to a number of giant global corporations as someone who could give them an inside track with the new Trump administration," he noted. "But the real damage here is not to the reputation of AT&T or Novartis – it’s to President Trump and his entire Drain the Swamp crusade."

"Did Cohen even listen to what Donald Trump was saying on the campaign trail?" Hilton asked. "What part of Drain the Swamp did Cohen not understand?"

"By cashing in on his connection to the president to help giant global corporations, Cohen insulted every single Trump voter," he argued. "Here’s what needs to happen: Cohen must apologize, pay back his swamp fees and tell us who else he pitched his services to. We need to see the full list of the “select few companies” he reportedly offered to help."

Hilton concluded that "there has to be a proper reckoning for the damage Cohen has done with his cynical, shameless behavior."