Fox pundit mocks Franklin Graham – and gives a surprising warning about evangelicals
Franklin Graham speaks to CNN (screen grab)

Evangelist Franklin Graham thinks it is "sad" that Democrats and Republicans cannot be friends in today's political climate.

But Fox News political editor Chris Stirewalt isn't convinced that Graham is all that concerned with bipartisanship.

"That is a pretty remarkable contradiction," Stirewalt said during a Thursday appearance on the network. "You have a guy that goes and out complains about how divided the country is politically, and then follows that up with don't vote Democrat, whatever you do."

"It is so telling, so indicative of how bad -- really -- our politics have become. This is something that most Christian leaders would never have done even a decade ago."

Graham, a frequent defender of President Donald Trump, is touring California and has warned residents that the Democratic-controlled state is "in trouble."

Stirewalt said the tour was "really telling about what has happened with evangelical Christians and politics... and also probably why the founders were so intent on keeping politics and government out of religion."

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