GOP donor made abortion hush payment through Michael Cohen -- and scored meeting with Trump one day later
Trump donor Elliott Broidy. (Screenshot/YouTube)

A new investigation by the Associated Press on Monday revealed that top Republican donor Elliott Broidy scored an important meeting with President Donald Trump to lobby on behalf of the United Arab Emirates.

What the AP's investigation didn't note, however, was that this meeting took place just one day after Broidy made his first payment in a hush money agreement with former Playboy model Shera Bechard, whom he had allegedly impregnated during an affair and who eventually terminated her pregnancy.

According to the original Wall Street Journal report on the payment, Broidy negotiated a hush money agreement with Bechard through longtime Trump attorney and "fixer" Michael Cohen.

The Journal's sources say that "the first payment was due December 1st" -- and, according to the AP, Trump and Broidy had a lengthy meeting on December 2nd, just one day later.

And that's not all -- the Daily Beast now reports that Broidy's company, a Virginia-based security firm called Circinus LLC, has scored a massive $800 million in foreign defense contracts since the start of Trump's presidency -- a figure that dwarfs all the previous payments it has received for defense contracts before Trump assumed office.

How are all these events connected? Earlier this month, University of Colorado Boulder law professor Paul Campos laid out evidence in New York Magazine that this abortion hush money payment was much more likely intended to protect President Donald Trump rather than Broidy.

Among other things, Campos noted that Cohen used the same pseudonyms in his hush money contract for Broidy and Bechard -- "David Dennison and "Peggy Peterson" -- that he used in his nondisclosure agreement between Trump and adult film star Stormy Daniels.

Additionally, Campos argued that Trump seems much more likely to have had an adulterous relationship with a former Playboy model, as he was a frequent guest at the Playboy Mansion.

Added to all this, he pointed out that Broidy seems like the kind of person who would take both a financial and public relations hit for paying off a mistress who terminated a pregnancy in exchange for boosting his own financial interests.

"Broidy has a history of bribing public officials to enhance the economic prospects of his business ventures,” he wrote.. “In 2009, he pleaded guilty to bribing New York State Comptroller Alan Hevesi. As part of a plea deal which led to the convictions of seven of his co-conspirators, Broidy admitted he made more than one million dollars in illegal payouts and gifts to New York pension authorities.”