‘I’m a walking hate crime’: California Trump supporter caught on video harassing elderly women
A Trump supporter yells at protesters in California. Image via screengrab.

As progressive activists assembled peacefully outside a California Republican's office, a group of MAGA hat-wearing counter-protesters began harassing them.

"Oh yeah, I'm a hate crime," an unidentified Trump supporter said in a video published by Sacramento's CBS 13. "I'm a walking hate crime."

In one instance, the Trump supporter taunted a woman by asking her about her "lesbian lover." Others told CBS 13 that he'd hurled homophobic slurs as well.

Barbara Brass, the woman the counter-protester appeared to be targeting, said the man "incessantly" harassed the demonstrators outside of Rep. Tom McClintock's (R-CA) office — both verbally and physically.

"He is in your face," she told the CBS affiliate before describing an incident in which one of the pro-Trump protesters pulled a woman's hat and glasses off and stomped on them.

Watch below, via CBS 13.