Infowars Alex Jones announces Trump is fighting evil Artificial Intelligence programs bent on killing humans
Infowars' Alex Jones. Image via screengrab.

Infowars' Alex Jones announced out of nowhere on Friday that President Donald Trump is fighting a sentient artificial intelligence program that has turned on its human creators and wants to kill us all.

Right Wing Watch reported that prior to a court appearance with his ex-wife, Jones announced the president's valorous intentions during a tangent about the current "information apocalypse" undertaken by "global elites" who want to keep the world "confused."

"This is already an A.I. system that made the decision to have a post-human world," the Infowars host said, "and Trump has jumped in with others and are saying, ‘No, we’re not doing it,’ at the elite level."

Jones did not cite where he'd acquired his knowledge before adding that an apparent different group of elites "are really pissed about" Infowars because the conspiracy theorist program is in the business of "questioning the next false flag" — a reference to Jones and his company's claims that massive tragedies are really government-sponsored attempts to shape public discourse.