John Kasich: Trump's 'ridiculous' refusal to condemn Roseanne is like his appeasement of Charlottesville racists
Kate Bolduan speaks to John Kasich (CNN/screen grab)

Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) blasted President Donald Trump on Thursday for refusing to condemn a racist tweet from Roseanne Barr.

CNN's host Kate Bolduan observed during an interview with Kasich that Trump followed a "pattern" when confronted with racism.

"Racism occurs, people look to the White House -- leader of the country -- for response," Bolduan explained. "And [Trump] seems to go out of his way to just not call it out: David Duke, Charlottesville, Roseanne Barr's tweet. Why can't he get this right?"

"Of course he should condemn it," Kasich agreed. "I couldn't believe the stuff that was in that tweet."

"It's ridiculous," the governor said of Trump's refusal to rebuke Barr. "I went through this [after the white supremacist rally] in Charlottesville. Of course it should be condemned. But I also want us to think about the way we behave."

Watch the video below from CNN.