'He likes that he's a lightning rod': Watch Pulitzer-winning analyst explain how Trump is 'trolling' America with scandal-ridden EPA boss
EPA boss Scott Pruitt and MSNBC analyst Charlie Savage/Screenshot

Why hasn’t President Trump fired Scott Pruitt even after his many absurd scandals?

To hear MSNBC analyst Charlie Savage tell it, Trump is enjoying the rage against the corrupt EPA boss.

Savage is a Pulitzer-winning reporter and not given to hyperbole, but his best explanation for what Trump is doing was "trolling."

"Why is Scott Pruitt still there when in any normal administration of either party he would have been canned five or six scandals ago?" he asked. "So why do they keep this guy there when he's such a lightning rod? I think the reason is that they like lightning rods. They like someone that the left hates. It's a trolling gesture."

Trump operates in a "culture-war environment," Savage says, and so Pruitt's unpalatability just reinforces his power.

Watch his full explanation below.