'A lot of people lied to us': Dem lawmaker says new revelations show the GOP is covering up Russia scandal
Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL) talks on CNN (Screen cap).

CNN's Chris Cuomo asked Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL) on Wednesday about new revelations about a Qatari investor attending a meeting with Trump "fixer" Michael Cohen in Trump Tower in 2016 -- and the Democratic lawmaker proceeded to unload on his Republican colleagues for allegedly shutting down the House Russia probe prematurely.

During the interview, Cuomo asked Quigley what he made of Qatari investor Ahmed Al-Rumaihi's admission that he went to Trump Tower to meet with Trump administration transition officials in December 2016 to talk about undisclosed matters. Quigley said that he wasn't surprised that new revelations about meetings between Trump transition officials and foreign nationals keep coming to light because Republicans had ended the House Russia probe without properly following up on a number of leads.

"Since the Republicans shut down the House Committee on Intelligence investigation, revelations along these lines are happening on a weekly basis," he said. "I think it indicates to me that a lot of people lied to us in their testimony, it's further evidence that the transcripts should be released so the American public can make that choice and help them understand what's taken place."

Quigley said that these revelations also "call into question the testimony of a lot of other folks who should be brought back" to testify, including Michael Cohen, Cambridge Analytica founder Alexander Nix, and former Blackwater CEO Erik Prince.

Quigley went on to say that House Republicans bear the blame for not digging deeper into the investigation, as he said they not only shut down the probe, but also refused to subpoena key witnesses that could have turned up more evidence.

Watch the video below.