Bornstein thought it would be fun to be the president's doctor -- he was wrong
Harold Bornstein (Twitter)

Doanld Trump's longtime personal physician Harold Bornstein came forward with explosive allegations about Trump "raiding" his office and taking Trump's medical records

Host Stephanie Ruhle started from the beginning—when Bornstein burst onto the news cycle with a letter proclaiming Trump would be "the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.”

"Let's take ourselves back in history—when we were first introduced to this guy we thought he was a wackadoo," she said. "So what's he doing now?

Anna Schecter, an investigative reporter with NBC News, said

"Now he's revising what he said about who actually wrote the letter," Schecter said. "He told me a couple years ago that he wrote the letter in five minutes but Trump was in his ear, he was using that kind of language. Now he's saying Trump actually wrote it or dictated it."

And what happened next is the moral of the story for people like Michael Cohen or Michael Flynn—Bornstein blew his own credibility and got torched in response.

"This just shows who Donald Trump chose for his doctor and how he treats people," she said. "Dr. Bornstein told me that he thought this was going to be fun, having his patient be president of the United States but instead he feels hurt and spurned."

Ruhle was not having it. Watch the full video below.