MSNBC's John Heilemann: 'I'd slit my throat' if I had to attend more than two Huckabee Sanders briefings
MSNBC analyst John Heilemann -- screenshot

White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, added more fuel to the fire  when she refused to comment on White House aide Kelly Sadler's grotesque "joke" about Arizona Sen. John McCain "dying."

After the White House press briefing on Friday, reporters left even more disgruntled about how Sanders chooses to release information.

So much so that MSNBC's Nicole Wallace compared her to Baghdad Bob.

“I don’t know the difference anymore between Baghdad Bob and Sarah Sanders,” Wallace said

Baghdad Bob was a nickname given to former Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahha for his confusing and propaganda filled press briefings during the Second Gulf War.

"Neither do I, I don't know the difference." John Heilemann, MSNBC analyst said.

Heilemann went on to call the press briefings a “horror show," and that if he had to work in the White House he would “slit his throat.”

“They do valiant work every day trying to get some semblance of truth or to at least expose the hypocrisy and lies, the Baghdad Bobness of it from the podium," Heilemann  said.  "But if you’re asking me how they tolerate it, how they live with it…they have more fortitude than I have."

Watch his interview below.