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‘But no one in this is gay!’ Tucker Carlson has a complete meltdown over Stormy Daniels Day in West Hollywood



Fox News host Tucker Carlson has some news for the LGBT community. During his show on Wednesday he nearly exploded when interviewing radio host Ethan Bearman.

West Hollywood’s mayor, John J. Duran, declared May 23 as ‘Stormy Daniels Day’ and presented her with a key to the city.

When asked about why Daniels received this day, Bearman said it was to show support to the LGBT community.

“West Hollywood is known for its LGBT community. The Trump Administration, regardless of the rhetoric from President Trump on the campaign trail, has not been technically LGBT-friendly. The city has chosen to use her to celebrate her. She is fighting the president,” Bearman said.

Tucker reminded Bearman that neither Daniels nor President Trump is gay.

“Wait, hold on. A straight woman who said she had a voluntary sexual encounter with a straight man is somehow a symbol of LGBT resistance? Speak fully so I can understand,” Tucker said.


Bearman said: “West Hollywood is very LGBTQ friendly part of town. And so they are concerned about the attacks that have happened in their community.”

Tucker was not having it.

“No one in this is gay. This is actually insane. Really quick. So hold on. I don’t know what that has to do with Stormy Daniels. Are there any other porn stars that they are going to honor?”

Watch him go off the rails below:

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Trump considering withdraw from 68-year-old treaty with Japan: report



President Donald Trump has been privately talking about withdrawing from the postwar defense treaty with Japan, according to three sources familiar with the matter.

Trump is telling confidants the treaty is unfair to the U.S. because it promises to help if Japan was ever attacked, but doesn't require Japan to come to America's defense, the sources told Bloomberg.

So far, the president hasn't taken any step toward pulling out of the treaty, which was signed in 1951, and administration officials insist that move would be highly unlikely.

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2020 Election

Rep. Ted Lieu: Impeachment is coming — and so is a Democratic president



Donald Trump recently called “impeachment” a “dirty, filthy, disgusting word,” but his continued stonewalling of legitimate congressional oversight requests are moving more and more House Democrats to embrace that “filthy” concept. That was the very point made by Rep. Ted Lieu of California, a progressive Democrat who sits on the House Judiciary Committee during our recent conversation on “Salon Talks.” That committee would be the starting point for an actual impeachment inquiry of the president.

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US kicks off Mideast plan, with Palestinians boycotting



After a wait of two and a half years, the US administration is launching its Middle East peace plan Tuesday -- with an economic initiative that the Palestinians are boycotting.

For this most unconventional of US presidents, Donald Trump's Middle East peace-making bid is unlike decades of previous US attempts.

There is no talk of land swaps, a Palestinian state or other political issues that have vexed diplomats for decades.

The Trump administration says it will get to the political issues later.

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