North Korea to invite South Korean reporters to observe scrapping of nuclear site: South Korea
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in met for the first North-South summit in 11 years Korea Summit Press Pool/AFP /

North Korea will invite South Korean reporters from one news agency and from one television broadcaster to observe the dismantling of a nuclear test site between May 23 and May 25, South Korea’s Ministry of Unification said on Tuesday.

The South Korean reporters will be allowed in to North Korea on a flight from Beijing, with other foreign media covering the event, on May 22.

They will then go by train to the nuclear site, then return on May 26 or May 27, the South Korean ministry said in a statement, citing a North Korean notice.

North Korea has said it will dismantle its nuclear test site between May 23 and May 25, to uphold its pledge to discontinue nuclear tests, its state media reported on Saturday, a month ahead of a planned North Korea-U.S. summit in Singapore.

Reporting by Joyce Lee; Editing by Robert Birsel