'Numbskull' Donald Trump Jr brutally mocked for thinking conservative fan's deleted tweet is censorship
Donald Trump Jr. gets interviewed by WTAE in Pennsylvania (Screen cap).

Donald Trump Jr. on Wednesday accused Twitter of censoring a popular supporter of his father -- however, he quickly got buried in ridicule after people realized that the tweet in question had actually been deleted by the user.

The trouble for Trump Jr. began when he noticed that a tweet by Trump supporter Candace Owens praising the president no longer appeared in his timeline -- and he immediately assumed that Twitter was at fault.

"So now [Owens] is being censored by Twitter?" Trump Jr. wrote angrily. "She simply said 'He likes the way I think' referring to the duly elected President of The United States. I guess if you’re effective you get censored now!?!? Got it."

However, it seems that Owens had simply deleted her original tweet and then replaced it with a lengthier response in which she said she was "truly honored and humbled" by Trump's tweet, which she also said was "an affirmation I will never forget."

Given that Trump Jr. had obviously jumped the gun on accusing Twitter of censorship, his followers pounced and mocked him for making such a bone-headed mistake.

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