Piñata maker apologizes after facing backlash from his community for hanging black dolls on his porch
Victor Chavarria, runs a small piñatas business from his home [ Photo: Via Facebook]

A photo went viral on social media that showed black doll like figures hanging from their necks on a porch in Minneapolis. The dolls looked like they were being hung, according to MPR News.

When people first saw the photos it reminded them of slavery.

Candace Thurman, who drove by the house said she couldn't believe what she was seeing.

"I was a little upset about it," Thurman said," I just thought it was really inappropriate. It just brought back memories from slavery."

However, even though photos appear to be racist, they come from a piñata maker. Victor Chavarria, runs a small piñata business out of his home. He said the piñatas were for a wedding.

After seeing the anger his photo caused he quickly apologized for his mistake.

"I deeply apologize. Effectively immediately, I changed my processes. I wouldn't do anything to offend anybody, they gave me my feedback and of course, I listen," Chavarria said. "I'm here to serve the community, not the opposite, and I am deeply sorry."

Chavarria continued: "They have a point, perception is reality for people and I have to be very careful and sensitive to my community, and I deeply apologize to anybody who got offended. My processes changed immediately, and I won't dry piñatas on my porch anymore."