Playboy model recalls watching Donald Trump boinking her roommate while his fiance was pregnant
Elke Jeinsen and Barbara Moore, composite of images by © Glenn Francis,

A Playboy magazine playmate described watching Donald Trump have sex with her best friend in the master bedroom of his Trump Tower residence, the Daily Mail reported Monday.

Only months after her centerfold spread, Miss May 1993 Elke Jeinsen reportedly watched the fornication between Trump and Miss December 1992 centerfold Barbara Moore.

"We were talking, laughing, drinking, sitting on his bed and then he started to undress Barbara and make out with her," Jeinsen recalled. "She was beautiful and he was totally into her and he helped undress her."

"I was sitting there half undressed, not naked but in lingerie, and then they started kissing and making out," she continued. "I was not included in the sex, but I was included in the conversation beforehand so it was strange for me."

Jeinsen said she was not jealous, because she says Trump and Moore were in love.

"He was very charming and I think she had a crush on him and she was a little bit in love with him and I definitely know he was in love with her too," she observed. "So after I saw them having sex together I knew that for sure."

The affair occurred while Trump’s then-fiancee Marla Maples was pregnant.

Although Trump was allegedly cheating on Jeinsen's best friend, she still supports the man she watched with her roommate.

"To be honest with you, I voted for Donald Trump. I'm a fan of Donald Trump, I like him," she admitted.