Republican Rick Wilson: If the GOP found 'spygate' intel 'Devin Nunes would have run out like a monkey with his ass on fire'
Republican commentator Rick Wilson (Photo: Screen capture)

Republican commentator Rick Wilson explained that if the Republican members of the "Gang of 8" had discovered anything in their classified FBI and Justice Department briefing that proved there was a "spygate," that Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) would have been the first to scream it from the rooftops.

"I think the big lie of the week that was exposed was if they had found anything in this Justice Department briefing, Devin Nunes would have run out of there like a monkey with his ass on fire to say there was a spy that they caught and knew who it was," Wilson told an MSNBC panel Sunday.

He went on to explain that Nunes would have turned the findings into a "giant show." Instead, they didn't say a word. It's enough to make Wilson think that the move was simply another "play" from team Trump.

"Like the former Nunes memo and the so-called 'unmasking scandal' and all the other things that they have played out as cards over the last year that have failed and failed again and again because the substance of this -- the FBI was playing by the rules. They were going by the book on this. This wasn't something that was -- you know, as Gen. [Michael] Hayden said this was normal. You want your counterintelligence services to go after hostile foreign intelligence operations of which there was one targeting this campaign."

Wilson went on to note that special counsel Robert Mueller is known for being "extraordinarily methodical" and is not the kind of person to produce cases that are "flimsy."

"I think what will happen is we will see a report that is granular, that is detailed and that is undeniable, and we will see that there are a lot of behaviors by the Trump team before, during and after the campaign and during the administration that all add up to a very ugly public picture," Wilson said.

He closed by saying that at some point the Trump team will have to contend with the actual case and the facts that will be revealed. He assumed that there will always be Trump loyalists who believe whatever the president says, but that the vast majority of Americans will weight the evidence that is presented and decide for themselves without the spin from Fox News.

"And, you know, the law and the facts eventually have a gravity and a weight and a power of their own, and, you know, the BS tornado that these guys are used to deploying about everything out there eventually there's a sense of gravity to it and you don't -- you're not able to evade it forever."

Nunes is known for rushing to the White House after garnering information in the Russia investigation. He made the decision to close the House Intelligence Committee investigation long before the Senate and Mueller wrapped up his investigation. Nunes proclaimed Trump was innocent of everything.

Nothing was found in the briefing to verify Trump's "spygate" conspiracy theory, sources said.

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