Rosenstein reveals he is facing 'threats' both privately and publicly over the Mueller investigation
Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein on C-Span. (screengrab)

Conservative House members drafted a letter of impeachment against Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein.

Rosenstein said the threat of impeachment is not phasing him. In an appearance on C-SPAN Rosenstein said that people can't even resist leaking their own files.

"They can't even resist leaking their own drafts," Rosenstein said.

He also said that impeachment draft didn't serve as a threat because nobody had the courage to own it.

"I don't have anything to say about documents like that, that nobody has the courage to put their name on," he said.

He added that the impeachment draft will not obstruct the Department of Justice or hinder him from doing his job.

“I can tell you that there have been people who have been making threats privately and publicly against me for quite some time and I think they should understand by now the Department of Justice is not going to be extorted,” he said.

Rosenstein added: "any threats that people make are not going to affect how we do our job."

Watch his full response below.