Russian company claims Robert Mueller’s case is completely meaningless — because they didn't know it was illegal
Special counsel Robert Mueller on CNN (screen capture)

A Russian company is defending themselves against Robert Mueller’s  probe into the 2016 election by claiming they didn't understand their actions could be illegal.

According to Law and Crime, Concord Management filed a motion with the U.S District Court for the District of Columbia requesting a “inspection of the legal instructions provided to the grand jury regarding Count One of the Indictment…in order to determine whether the instructions provided could support a motion to dismiss Count One of the Indictment.”

The motion claims that Mueller’s  language was too vague and did specify an exact crime.

The motion also stated: “[T]he DOJ never brought any case like the instant Indictment, that is, an alleged conspiracy by a foreign corporation to ‘interfere’ in a Presidential election by allegedly funding free speech. The obvious reason for this is that no such crime exists in the federal criminal code.”

Concord Management is fighting to have the courts reinvestigate Mueller’s  claims and hopefully finding them to be incomplete and vague thus dropping the case altogether.

The motion also attacked Mueller’s  character. The motion continued:

"T]he Deputy Attorney General acting for the recused Attorney General has rejected the history and integrity of the DOJ, and instead licensed a Special Counsel who for all practical political purposes cannot be fired, to indict a case that has absolutely nothing to do with any links or coordination between any candidate and the Russian Government. The reason is obvious, and is political: to justify his own existence."