A quiet member of the Trump family had a love affair with a gang member, according to Page Six.

Even though Vanessa Trump has remained out of the limelight, new reports reveal love letters that she sent to her ex-boyfriend Valentin Rivera while he was in jail. Rivera was a member of the Latin Street gang.

In the love letters, Trump pours out her love for Rivera and says that she can't wait to have his kids.

“I miss you a lot, especially since it’s my birthday coming up. And I wish you were here to celebrate with me. But you’ll be out [of prison] for my 18th birthday," Trump wrote. “I can’t wait till that year because a lot’s going to happen. My 18th birthday, you’ll be back in my arms, my prom, and I want to get pregnant and have a baby with you after January. I want to get pregnant so the baby is born after I graduate since it takes 9 months.”

The two eventually broke up because of an affair. Trump went on to marry Donald Trump Jr. in 2005. She filed for divorce in March of this year.

Rivera is now out of jail and working, but he told Page Six News that he misses the love fling he had.

"Vanessa was my first love, she even gave me a photo album full of pictures of her, and us together, with a note saying, ‘this is so you can remember me when I become famous," he said. "You know, she was right, she did become famous — but the Vanessa people see with Trump isn’t the Vanessa I knew."

Rivera continued: “She always wanted to become a mother, but she was also a much stronger, independent and fiery woman. She had big dreams, she’s a fighter."

Spokeswoman for Vanessa claimed that the love letter was a poor attempt to generate news.

“Vanessa is a devoted mother of five amazing children. This is nothing more than an attempt to sensationalize over 20-year-old ‘stories’ from high school for click bait, " she said.