Seth Meyers mocks Cohen for identifying himself in a shady shell corporation instead of using a fake porn name like 'Jerk Diggler'
Seth Meyers (Photo: Screen capture)

Late night talk show host Seth Myers did not hold back Wednesday night when joking about Michael Cohen.

In his segment 'a closer look' Myers tried to make sense of recent swirling headlines about the Cohen scandal.

Myers pointed out that Cohen created a shell company to funnel money that he received from a Russian oligarch. The company was named Essential Consultant LLC, and Myers said  it sounded like "porn site."

Myers said the purpose of the shell company is to hide one's identity, however the company was easily traced back to Cohen.

According to the documents Cohen used the pseudonym "Peggy Petterson" to conceal Storm Daniels' identity, but he failed to use a fake name for himself.

"Cohen used a pseudonym for a porn star, but not for himself," Myers said.

Myers joked about fake porn star names he could have used.

"You could have at least given yourself a porn name -- Soggy mike, Jerk Diggler," Myers said.

Watch below: