Shep Smith scolds Fox guest for saying Trump ‘pulled out’ of Iran deal: No, ‘we are going to violate’ it
Fox New's Shep Smith [Photo: Screenshot]

Fox News anchor, Shep Smith, wants to ensure there is clarity around the Iran Deal breaking news.

President Trump announced Tuesday morning that the U.S. will no longer participate in the Iran Deal.

However, when sources used the term "pulled out" Smith was quick to scold and correct them.

While interviewing, Jon Alterman, a former statement department staff member, he said that President Trump did not "pull out" of the deal but simply "violated" its terms.

"The deal didn't have a provision for withdrawal, we are willfully violating," Alterman clarified.

When speaking to author, Gordon Chang, Smith interrupted him when he said that Trump "got out" of the Iran deal.

"You can't really get out of the Iran Deal, there is no provision for that. You can make a decision to violate the deal, but saying pulled out is a bit of a misnomer," Smith said.