St. Louis cop outraged after seeing white men doing manual labor at ‘authentic Mexican restaurant’
Jerry Foster (Facebook)

A police lieutenant in St. Louis is under investigation after making a social media post that suggested only Latinos should do construction work at Mexican restaurants.

"I'm not sure what the hell is going on in our country these days," St. Louis Metropolitan Police Lieutenant Jerry Foster wrote in a screenshotted post. "I just drove by an authentic Mexican restaurant in town; and there were white guys putting on a new roof, cutting the grass and doing landscaping."

According to St. Louis' KMOV, Foster did not mention the name of the Mexican restaurant that so offended him, but the tagged location and its proximity to his home suggested he was referring to Casa Romero, an establishment currently under renovation that hired white contractors.

Mike Lasky, one of the workers at Casa Romero, told KMOV he was shocked a police officer would post something so "insensitive."

"It's disturbing and I hate to see it," he told the station, "but it just shows that it does exist and it's sad."

The report noted that the Mexican restaurant post was not Foster's first time making controversial comments on Facebook. In 2016, he reportedly made a post deriding the "Democratic Criminal Party" after Lezley McSpadden, the mother of police-killed Michael Brown from nearby Ferguson, was invited to speak at the Democratic National Convention.

SLMPD told the news station that Foster's comment is under investigation.