Trump administration so desperate for help that it's stopped asking hires for professional references: report
Pres. Donald Trump (screen capture)

The Trump administration has had trouble filling multiple key positions in the government -- and now it's drastically lowering its hiring standards to get them filled.

The New Yorker reports that the Trump administration has stopped asking prospective hires for professional references when they apply for jobs, which the publication describes as part of a broader effort at lowering barriers to bringing new people aboard.

The report notes that the Obama administration "had used a questionnaire with sixty-three queries about employment, finances, writings, and social-media posts" before it hired people, and it says that the Trump administration has slashed the number of questions by more than half, while removing questions about "loans, personal income, and real-estate holdings."

The administration has also followed the president's own lead and is not asking prospective hires to show their tax returns, the report claims.

One source also tells the New Yorker that the administration has sought creative ways for hires to get around potential concerns about conflicts of interest so that they could work for the administration without relinquishing their current investments.

"If you look at them as technical rules that lawyers should be able to 'get around,' that gives you a whole different approach," one source explained. "It's like tweeting after a couple of beers. It's not going to end well."