Trump apologist threatens European counties over Iran deal: ‘You should be joining us in this crusade’
Andre Bauer (CNN/screen grab)

Former Lt. Governor of South Carolina and unofficial apologist for President Donald Trump Andre Bauer called the U.S. violation of the Iran nuclear deal part of a "crusade" and encouraged other countries to get on board.

During a Sunday discussion on CNN, the guest cautioned those European detractors chiding the president

"It's trying to be very firm in the fact that, look, we are going to come to some solution here. If you're not going to be part of the solution, there will be repercussions," Bauer threatened. "We need every friend, every person we can to join us in this crusade to try to correct a long-term problem and a safety for the world. And so, I think this is a monumental thing for the president, but it's also monumental for the safety of the world. This has monumental implications. We've heard the rhetoric, but we haven't got the results that we're starting to see a different type of action, and hopefully they'll continue in this matter."

French President Emmanuel Macron came to the White House to try and change Trump's mind about the decision to violate the treaty, but to no avail. He, along with other European leaders, have said that they will continue to move forward with Iran despite the void left by the American government.

The conversation came after Trump tweeted a promise that Iran will never attack anyone in the Middle East again.

Watch the full commentary below: