Trump biographer says ‘matador’ Mueller is expertly baiting ‘Trump the bull’ with his questions

Michael D'Antonio, the Trump biographer who authored "Never Enough: Donald Trump and the Pursuit of Success," has written a piece for CNN in which he claims that special counsel Robert Mueller has Trump right where he wants him, as evidenced by the leaked questions that he allegedly wants to ask the president.

"Like a matador waving a red cape, someone is torturing President Donald Trump by leaking the questions that could be posed to him by special counsel Robert Mueller," D'Antonio begins.

D'Antonio goes on to speculate that someone on Trump's team leaked the questions as a way to get Trump's attention and show him just how serious the Mueller probe into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election is for the president.

But if that was the strategy, writes D'Antonio, then it will likely backfire spectacularly.

"The trouble with this shock-and-awe tactic is that President Trump is not a sober-minded man," he explains. "He is so impetuous, grandiose, and most importantly convinced of his own superiority that he is unlikely to be scared straight."

In fact, D'Antonio believes that the leaking of the questions will only make it more likely that Trump will put himself in further legal jeopardy by more brazenly attacking the probe.

"If one of the President's lawyers or aides released the questions hoping something good will come of it, disappointment is sure to follow," he concludes. "The questions are the red cape. Trump is the bull."