Trump fans freak out on right-winger Matt Drudge for warning against president’s ‘fake news crusade’
Matt Drudge (Photo: CSPAN screen capture)

Right-winger Matt Drudge, who has long been a booster of President Donald Trump, seems to be concerned about the long-term consequences of the president's "crusade" against the "fake news" media.

After the president tweeted on Wednesday that all "negative" news about him and his administration constituted "fake" news, Drudge wrote on Twitter that he feared Trump's statements might one day be used as excuses to dramatically crack down on the free press.

"I fear the future result of Trump’s crusade on ‘fake news’ will be licensing of all reporters," he wrote. "[Dems already floated this in the senate pre-Trump.] The mop up on this issue is going to be excruciating..."

Despite the fact that Drudge has typically been sympathetic in his own writing on Trump, Trump supporters angrily lashed out at him and told him that if Trump or some future president shut down the free press, the free press itself would be to blame.

Check out some of the responses below.