'He out Trump'd Trump': CNN's Erin Burnett panel reveals how Trump got schooled by Kim Jong-Un
CNN Erin Burnett and Jean Lee [Photo: Screen grab from video]

News broke Tuesday afternoon that North Korea suspended their highly anticipated talk with South Korea.

While the information came as a shock to the White House, CNN's Erin Burnett pointed out President Trump's 'flowery' language towards North Korea president King Jong-Un.

Trump called Kim "honorable, "open," and "excellent." Burnett suggests that the Trump administration could have been "fooled" by King Jong-UN recent acts of politeness.

Jean Lee, Director for Korean history and public policy at the Wilson Center said:

"He might be eating his words, but I think North Korea is taking a page out of the president's playbook by issuing contradictory statements and sowing confusion. So hopefully he understands this is something he's been doing as well and the North Koreans are returning that.

"He out Trump'd Trump," Burnett said.

Watch their views unfold about North and South Korea below: