Trump's lawyers are preparing for a 'showdown' with Mueller: report
Trump/Mueller (AFP Photo/SAUL LOEB)

After the Washington Post broke news that special counsel Robert Mueller raised the specter of a subpoena to Donald Trump's lawyers in early March, CNN hit back with their own bombshell: that the president's lawyers are preparing to go to war.

According to CNN's sources familiar with Trump's legal team, the lawyers are "bracing for the dramatic possibility that Mueller would subpoena" the president — a move that could "could force a lengthy court fight" and challenge the president's legal power "all the way up to the Supreme Court."

When CNN asked their sources if Trump would ever plead the Fifth Amendment in response to theoretical questions from Mueller, they responded that there are a number of "constitutional challenges" to be met for that to become a possibility.

"Many legal observers believe that if Mueller issues a grand jury subpoena for Trump's testimony," CNN noted, "the courts will order the president to comply, because the Supreme Court has repeatedly ordered presidents to comply with subpoenas."