Utah man berates Spanish-speaking family and takes all their money – now he’s jobless
Wyatt Pack, a 20-year-old diesel mechanic employed by Weber County, UT, speaks to KUTV. Image via screengrab.

A Utah mechanic has been fired after a video surfaced of him berating a Latino family and taking their money over a car issue over Memorial Day weekend.

Salt Lake City's KTVX reported that Wyatt Pack — a mechanic from Weber County, UT — is the man captured in the now-viral video showing a tirade against Jose Caballero during a Memorial Day weekend camping trip.

In the expletive-laden video, Pack is heard telling Caballero to "f*cking move it" and insulting his intelligence after the Latino man calmly explained that he could not move his truck due to a power steering issue.

"I'm a f*cking diesel mechanic for Weber County," the 20-year-old said, "and I know you're f*cking stupid."

Soon after, he offers to tow the Caballero family's truck — but charges them for it.

A spokesperson for Weber County responded to Pack's tirade and claim of employment, saying that "we are sickened and outraged watching this video."

"This type of behavior is completely unacceptable and does not reflect the helpful, kind, customer service attitude we expect of Weber County employees," the statement announcing his placement on administrative leave read.

Along with his work as a mechanic for Weber County, Pack was also fired from his job at Roy, Utah's P N P Power Sports Repair — a decision announced by the company's owner in a Facebook Live video.

KTVX also noted that Pack could face "disorderly conduct, assault and threat charges" in Cache County, the area where the incident occurred.

Watch Pack's tirade, as posted by Caballero, below: