Video shows man beaten and told to 'go back to Mexico' -- days before he mysteriously disappeared
A man beating the victim in a store [Photo: Screen Grab]

After being beaten at a 7-11 in Los Angeles, Frank Martinez, 59, is missing, according to KTLA News.

While waiting in line customer, Myra Olvera, saw the victim being attacked. Olvera pulled out her phone and captured the entire hate crime.

The woman attacking Martinez yelled: "Go back to Mexico," “You're fat," and "You're ugly." She continued: "f--ing Mexicans."

"It was horrible," Olvera said.

The video spread across the internet and Martinez family stepped forward and identified him.

His family said he went missing after the attack and might be homeless.

His sister Dahlia Martinez said:

"I don't know where he's at and I want them to find him. I want them to get justice for these people for what they did to my brother."

The family is planning on filing a missing persons report.

"I just want justice for this man," Olvera said. "Hopefully, first, God can find him and he's safe."

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