Watch: Analyst explains why Trump will still be shaping the law in 2050
Ron Klain explains how Trump is winning with federal judicial appointments/Screenshot

Why are Christian conservatives so loyal Donald Trump despite him having an affair with a porn star while his new wife was home with their infant son, paying her hush money through his shady lawyer and continuing to lie about it?

On Michael Smerconish's CNN show Saturday evening, Ron Klain, who worked as a strategist for Hillary Clinton's failed 2016 campaign, explained that they're getting what they want—especially when it comes to the courts.

"The judges, they are there forever," Klain said. "He's appointing very young judges—on average, they're eight years younger than the judges Obama put on the appellate bench."

Democrats can take the government back, and the Republican party can move back toward the center, but this legacy will remain, Klain said. Since most cases—he gave the figure 95%—end at the appellate court and not at the Supreme Court, this will haunt the country for two generations.

Klain pointed out that some of Trump's judges will still be on the bench in 2050.

Trump will have 21 appellate judges confirmed this week—by contrast Obama only had seven by this time.

"These judges are very conservative, they are very young, and they are coming in record numbers," Klain said.

Watch the full interview below.