WATCH: CNN host drops the hammer on Trump apologist Kingston after he accuses Stormy Daniels of blackmail
CNN anchor Victor Blackwell and former Congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA)

CNN anchor Victor Blackwell shut down former Congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA) for claiming that is is "clear" that adult movie star Stormy Daniels was blackmailing President Donald Trump.

The segment began with Blackwell showing six giant jars of gum balls, to illustrate the 3,001 lies recorded since Trump took office.

"He's averaging more than six lies a day," Blackwell noted. "Think about it, that's more than some people wash their hands in a day."

"One every four hours, on average," he continued. "That's two before most folks get to work in the morning."

"3,001 false statements, misleading claims and downright lies in this administration so far," Blackwell noted. "Are you proud of that?"

"I'm not proud of it," admitted Kingston, who was a senior advisor to Trump during the campaign. "[Bill] Clinton probably still holds the lifetime record and I think the American people understand that they're not going to find a lot of -- they're not going to look at of truth whether it's from Congress or the White House, unfortunately."

CNN contributor Maria Cardona did not agree with Kingston ignoring Trump's credibility deficit.

"This is the pants on fire president that is presiding over a dumpster fire administration," she charged. "It is bad for democracy, it is bad for the country, it is bad for America's image overseas."

Kingston, however, sought to rationalize Trump's lies by claiming Stormy Daniels was blackmailing Trump. Kingston offered no evidence for his allegation.

"I know that public figures, office holders and celebrities as Donald Trump was before he became a politician, often get this soft blackmail from people," Kingston claimed. "Clearly that's what Stormy Daniels was doing."

"How is that clear?" Blackwell cut in. "Jack, hold on. Wait a minute Jack."

"Awww, poor Jack," Cardona said as she put her hand on her heart.