WATCH: Drunk woman tells immigrant men she'll 'brute on your f*cking ass' in racist tirade
A Canadian woman berates immigrants at a Canadian Denny's (Screen cap).

A Canadian woman was recently caught on camera angrily berating a group of immigrants at a Denny's restaurant in British Columbia -- and now it's cost her her job.

CTV News reports that the woman, identified as Kelly Pocha from Cranbrook, B.C., was filmed telling a group of immigrant men to "go back to where you came from."

The woman then threatened to attack the men physically.

"You want to see a Canadian woman come and brute on your f*cking ass?" she said to them. "It's my f*cking home. I was born and raised here. You f*cking weren't."

After the video of the incident was posted on Facebook this week, Pocha was promptly fired from her job as a car saleswoman.

According to CTV, Pocha apologized for her racist rant but insisted that she was merely standing up for herself, as she accused the immigrant men of showing her disrespect.

"Yes, my lash back was inappropriate and racial, but I was merely standing up for myself as I was being disrespected that night," Pocha said. "It is also disheartening to see that people are so quick to judge and make racial/degrading comments about myself and my family without knowing the whole truth."

Watch the video below.