Watch Fox News’ Shep Smith use a pastor’s own words to fact-check him after prayer at the Jerusalem embassy
Shepard Smith. (Fox News/Screenshot)

Fox News' Shep Smith on Monday blasted a member of Donald Trump's evangelical counsel who gave a prayer at the opening of the new Israeli embassy in Jerusalem — using the pastor's own words.

Pastor Robert Jeffress "says he believes all Jews are going to hell," Smith noted, and has uttered similar condemnations of Islam. The host then went on to quote the pro-Trump evangelical leader.

"Islam is a false religion," Smith said, quoting Jeffress. "And if you sincerely follow the tenets of it, then you will end up in hell when you die."

After the gay host recounted the pastor's belief that LGBT people are "engaged in the most detestable, unclean, abominable acts you can imagine," Smith noted that reporters asked deputy White House press secretary Raj Shah why Jeffress was chosen to give the prayer at the embassy on behalf of the Trump administration. The spokesman replied that the pastor had a good relationship with people "on both sides of the aisle."

Smith then noted before cutting to a commercial break that Jeffress is a Fox News contributor.

Watch below: