Watch: Guest dumbfounded as Fox News host Melissa Francis calls Chelsea Clinton 'hypocritical' because of Monica Lewinsky and Benghazi
Fox News host Melissa Francis/Screenshot

Chelsea Clinton recently angered Republicans by saying that Donald Trump's behavior "degrades what it means to be an American."

A Fox News panel came back firing on Monday, as host Melissa Francis pushed back on Chelsea Clinton by pointing to scandals that happened when she was a child.

"Every time I hear a Clinton talk about degrading the office of the president I think about the office, and Monica Lewinsky and a cigar and I don't know how much more, you know, it could be degraded," Francis said of the consensual sex, which occurred when Chelsea Clinton was 15 years old. "As a woman when I hear them talk about dignity and respect and all these things—I just, sort of, I don't know, it comes off as hypocritical."

Guest Jon Summers, a Democratic strategist, sat dumbfounded during the rant.

Francis's thoughts were echoed by GOP spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany  who opened referring to Trump as a "self-made billionaire." (This is untrue: Trump inherited wealth, and analysts say he would have had more money had he simply played golf and invested his father's money in an index fund.) She then said the comments were "insulting and they were absurd."

"What's degrading to Americans is Benghazi," she said, referencing a debunked conspiracy theory. "That was degrading to Americans."

She then said that Chelsea Clinton needed to look "inward."

Watch below.