WATCH: Marc Lamont Hill devours Trump supporter's confused attempt to defend Roseanne Barr
Rob Astorino and Marc Lamont Hill on CNN [ Photo: screen grab from CNN]

Republican Rob Astorino said that ABC showed a double standard when firing Roseanne Barr over racist comments she made about Valerie Jarrett.

During an interview with CNN's Kate Bolduan Astorino asserted that it was unfair that ABC fired Barr because the same standard is not used across the board.

"We're talking about ABC and the double standard. I think we've got to have a broader discussion. If it's wrong, it's wrong. Let's not pick and choose when it's right or wrong," Astorino said.

Author and activist Marc Lamont Hill set him straight.

"But the question is what is 'it.' Roseanne can use free speech and say whatever she wants, but ABC as a company can say we don't want to stand behind this. Say what you want, but there may be consequences."

Astorino still questioned ABC actions.

"But the thing is others have said things completely inappropriate or racist and they didn't suffer the consequences," he said.

Watch below: