WATCH: Nashville mayoral candidate defends racial profiling in front of mostly black audience -- and gets booed

Ralph Bristol, a former talk show host who is running for mayor in the city of Nashville, Tennessee, defended racial profiling this week in front of a mostly black audience -- and got lustily booed.

In a video posted by The Tennessean of a mayoral candidates forum that occurred this week, Bristol begins by defending the practice of police profiling people before sneaking in a racial angle to it.

"Profiling is absolutely necessary," he said. "Sometimes race might play some part in that..."

At this point, the audience audibly groaned and started booing him. One woman can be heard saying very loudly, "Oh my God!"

"I know that was unpopular," Bristol said after the audience had settled down. "I'm not afraid to say unpopular things. If the experts tell me that a... particular characteristic... is part of necessary profiling in order to prevent crimes against your families..."

At this point, his microphone cut out and his words became unintelligible.

Watch the video below.