WATCH: Oakland locals swarm park where racist woman called 911 on black BBQ -- and it was awesome
A group of people celebrate in the park in defiance of the racist woman who called the cops about a barbecue/Screenshot

Last month, a white woman in Oakland called the police on a black family that was having a cookout—then broke down sobbing when another white woman confronted her about her racism on video.

The story came out this week as Michelle Snider posted the video from Oakland's Lake Merritt, where the woman called police because she believed the family was breaking park rules by cooking.

According to the men targeting, the racist woman told the black men having a BBQ that they were "trespassing" and would be "going to jail."

The video showed the woman going from aggressive to breaking down sobbing to the police, claiming she was being "harassed."

On Thursday, a group of people went to the park to protest this type of racism in the best way possible—with a party. A diverse group of people all came out to celebrate and dance. A huge mass of people did the electric slide at one point.

You can watch the video below.