WATCH: Retired admiral unloads on Trump for boasting about dead troops being ‘very happy’
Retired Rear Admiral John Kirby on CNN (screengrab)

Retired Rear Admiral John Kirby on Tuesday appeared on CNN to unload on President Donald Trump's self-aggrandizing Memorial Day tweet in which he insisted that dead American soldiers would have loved his presidency.

After host Alisyn Camerota read Trump's tweet aloud on air, Kirby hammered the president for making Memorial Day all about himself.

"It deeply offended me," Kirby said of Trump's tweet. "I'm not a combat vet, but I've known friends who have been killed in these wars over the last 17 years. I can assure you that they didn't go to fight and potentially give their lives so that the American economy could thrive. It was incredibly inappropriate for the commander-in-chief... to talk about Memorial Day in that fashion."

CNN analyst David Gregory said it was baffling that no one on Trump's staff told him that people would get offended if he made a day of remembrance to fallen soldiers a tribute to himself.

"You have a president who's surrounded by people who are unable to say to him, 'No that's not how you're going to express yourself,'" he said. "It's so unfortunate that this instinct of self-aggrandizement in the wrong moment, no shame, no real compassion, comes through."

Watch the video below.