WATCH: Spirit Airlines passengers forced to abandon plane as woman goes on a bonkers rant
SAFIRA ALLEN [Photo: facebook]

A woman flying out of an Atlanta airport refused to get off a Spirit Airlines flight when asked by police.

Safira Allen, 25, was flying to Las Vegas when she claims that the cabin crew closed the gates 20 minutes early, causing her to miss her flight. Afterwards the airline told her to get off the flight.

At this point, Allen took her phone out and began recording the situation. She began going on an obnoxious and racist rant. She said there wasn't anything "holy" about Spirit Airlines.

Allen said: “Y’all going to use Jesus’ name the Holy Spirit? No, that’s got to change, y’all need to be called something else, y’all need to change y’all name because nothing Holy Spirit about this airline, no. But y’all say ‘you-all represents God. Y’all need to quit playing with Jesus, and I’m not getting off this plane.”

Allen caused the entire flight to be evacuated because of her behavior.

In a Facebook Post Allen apologized for making all of the passengers deplane.

Allen said: “I apologize if I inconvenienced anyone on that PLANE! But at the same TIME! I am standing up for people who have to deal with companies ripping them OFF and Making you the Suspect; when you Paid for their services."

Watch her bizarre rant below: