Watch: Suspended white student whines he tore down Black Lives Matter poster because he 'felt violated by it'
Mason Stewart [ Photo: Screen Grab from video]

A North Carolina high school student defended tearing down a Black Lives Matter poster at his school saying he 'felt violated' by the message, reports ABC 11 News.

Mason Stewart, 16, said he complained for weeks to teachers and faculty that he found the poster offensive.

The artwork was approved by the school. Despite this Stewart took matters into his own hands, which led to his suspension.

"It was very offensive and it's pointing fingers to cops, and more likely white officers," Stewart said. "And I have a lot of respect for officers because their job is not easy."

Chavis Coachman, a student at the school, said Stewart's act was racially insensitive.

"I find it incredibly disrespectful to the lives that died because they're all innocent and he's trying to say it's freedom of speech, but you're tearing down someone else's freedom of speech basically," Coachman said.

The principal said that defacing school property would not be tolerated.