White commuter calls a black passenger a 'f*cking monkey' in racist NYC train rant
A white commuter on the Long Island Railroad yells at an off-camera black passenger. Image via screengrab.

During a verbal altercation on New York's Long Island Railroad, a white passenger told a black woman she's a "f*cking monkey" — all while someone caught his racist rant on video.

Published by WorldStarHipHop, the video shows the man yelling at the woman who responds in kind. In the first few seconds, he charges her with being a "loud-mouth monkey motherf*cker," repeatedly called her an "idiot" and takes pot shots at both of her parents.

"Just like your mother," the man says. "At least I've got a mother. You know who your mother is? You don't know who your mother or your father is, because you're a f*cking monkey!"

In response, the woman taunts the angry white passenger, asking him multiple times if he's "mad."

Watch below, via WorldStar.