'You’re a disgrace - apologize': Internet rips Trump aide and calls for resignation over 'dying' John McCain joke

John McCain, a political foe of President Donald Trump, is fighting a valiant battle with cancer.

But McCain, whose harrowing experience in a North Vietnamese prison camp was once mocked by his fellow Republican who said that he preferred soldiers who did not get captured, is making a maverick move by opposing Donald Trump's nominee to lead the CIA, Gina Haspel, as a result of her involvement in torture.

As reported by conservative political news site The Hill, Trump's special assistant Kelly Sadler joked that McCain's vote against Trump's pick for CIA, Gina Haspel was not important.

"It doesn’t matter, he’s dying anyway,” Sadler said of McCain's opposition.

Sadler has gotten push-back on Twitter from many people who are demanding she resign.

Here's a sampling of the comments.