'Already a win for Kim Jong-un': Former UN ambassador explains how North Korea benefits from Trump summit
North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has been in power since 2011 (AFP Photo/)

Former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, who also served as America's United Nations ambassador under former President Bill Clinton, thinks North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is already benefiting from the nuclear summit with President Donald Trump.

Richardson said that he was supportive of the summit, which he said is making him feel "a bit hopeful" about an improvement in U.S.-North Korean relations, but he also acknowledged that elevating Kim's status on the global stages is paying dividends for one of the world's most repressive regimes.

"It is a win for [Kim Jong-un], because he's now world player on the international stage," Richardson said. "He can go to his people, North Korea, even though he doesn't have too many elections and say, look, I'm on par with the President of the United States... so it's already a win for Kim Jong-un."

He warned the North Korean leader, however, to not back out of any deals he might make with Trump during their time in Singapore.

"But if he miscalculates and tries to skate and not honor agreements, it won't be good for him," he said.

Watch the video below.