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Ancient Greek sounds transfix audience in Athens



Hymns sung to the Greek gods thousands of years ago resonated from ancient musical instruments in Athens on Thursday, transporting a transfixed audience to antiquity.

The phorminx, the kitharis, the krotala and the aulos – string and wind instruments reconstructed by musical group Lyravlos – echoed among marble statues in Athens’s National Archaeological Museum as part of World Music Day celebrations.


A family of musicians, Lyravlos have recreated exact replicas of the ancient instruments from natural materials including animal shells, bones, hides and horns.

Music was an integral part of almost every aspect of ancient Greek society, from religious, to social to athletic events. Today only some 60 written scores of ancient Greek music have survived, said Lyravlos member Michael Stefos.
Stefos said they interpret them as best they can, relying on the accuracy of their recreated instruments.

“Joking aside, ancient CDs have never been found,” he said.

Their performance included a hymn to the god Apollo, pieces played at the musical festival of the ancient Pythian Games in Delphi and during wine-laden rituals to the god Dionysus.

Michael’s father Panayiotis Stefos, who heads the group, travels to museums at home and abroad studying ancient Greek antiquities and texts in order to recreate the instruments.


“Usually each instrument has a different sound. It is not something you can make on a computer, it will not be a carbon copy,” said Stefos.

The difference with modern day instruments?

“If someone holds it in their arms and starts playing, after a few minutes they don’t want to let it go, because it vibrates and pulsates with your body,” he said.


French tourist Helene Piaget, who watched the performance, said it was “inspiring”.

“One sees them on statues, on reliefs, and you can’t imagine what they might sound like,” she said.


World Music Day is an annual celebration that takes place on the summer solstice.

Editing by Alison Williams

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New Jersey Governor unloads on ‘pathetic’ Blue Dog Dem switching parties: ‘He put politics over the constitution’



New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy blasted Rep. Jeff Van Drew (D-NJ) for being "pathetic" after reports he would become a Republican.

Murphy, a Democrat, was interviewed by MSNBC's Yasmin Vossoughian on Sunday.

"I think it's ridiculous," Murphy said.

'He put politics over the constitution," he continued. "He's trying to be cute instead of being courageous."

"I think it's outrageous. this is a guy who is trying to find a path to get re-elected to Congress, not trying to find a path to do the right thing," Murphy said.

and we've seen it all over new jersey, all around the country, folks who stand up with conviction and courage and state their case more often than not, far more often enough folks say notwithstanding how tense and passionate this discussion is, they get credit for that, as opposed to cutting and running.

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2020 Election

Rep Ocasio-Cortez blasts complexity of health care marketplace: ‘No one should go through this’



Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez blasted the complexity of the health care marketplace on the day of the deadline to sign up for 2020 coverage.

Health care has been a major topic in the 2020 Democratic primary, with some moderate candidates defending the Affordable Care Act passed under President Barack Obama, while progressive candidates push for Medicare for All.

"Members of Congress also have to buy their plans off the exchange," she explained. "That means I get to 'choose' [between] 66 complex financial products."

"This is absurd. No person should go without healthcare, and no one should go through this, either," she argued.

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Hallmark Channel reverses course and apologies for caving to anti-LGBTQ group



The Hallmark Channel reversed course after a boycott resulted from the network caving to an anti-LGBTQ group.

On Saturday, #BoycottHallmark trended on Twitter nationwide after the network refused to show ads featuring two women kissing after being married.

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