'Too bad!' CNN's Toobin obliterates Trump supporters who want media to say more nice things about him
CNN's Brooke Baldwin, left, and Jeffrey Toobin, right (Screen cap).

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin on Monday smacked down any notion that liberals were only helping President Donald Trump by saying mean things about him.

In particular, Toobin reacted angrily to a suggestion by fellow panelist Michael Smerconish that many Americans felt more inclined to support the president when celebrities such as Robert DeNiro and Peter Fonda attacked him using profane or inappropriate insults.

Toobin replied that the vast majority of reporters simply don't sink to Trump's level while reporting on him -- and he argued that it was absurd to think that the media could somehow control what random celebrities say about Trump.

"We don't go to the president's level in responding in the news media," Toobin said. "We cover the news. That is entirely appropriate."

He then ripped Smerconish for arguing that Peter Fonda's tweet was driving voters into Trump's arms.

"Peter Fonda, who cares?" he said. "I mean, it's so ridiculous. Some has-been celebrity sends a tweet and we treat it as news."

Toobin then turned back to arguing that reporters should simply not worry about Trump supporters' feelings when presenting information that runs contrary to what Trump tells the country.

"We cover the Trump administration like journalists, that's entirely appropriate," he said. "If some people aren't happy about that, that's too bad, I don't think we should worry that they feel sympathy for the president because we're doing our jobs as journalists."

Watch the video below.